Carpet Cleaning Liverpool

Our reputation as high quality carpet cleaners is well established in the Liverpool area. This is down to our efficient team of technicians, our competitive prices and the quality of the service we provide.

The Liverpool clientele has grown significantly via word of mouth because of reputation for completing jobs to high standards. We have developed our carpet cleaning skills, adopting new technologies, and training our teams to ensure a quality finish every time.

Superior Steam Cleaning

The process of cleaning carpets has evolved over recent years and for the most efficient clean manufacturers will only recommend steam cleaning. Steam cleaning goes deeper than traditional methods ensuring your carpets look fresher, cleaner and brighter.

To enjoy your carpets at their best and maintain them for longer carpet cleaning is a must. It removes all the grime of everyday use and makes them far more aesthetically pleasing – keep your rooms looking sharp.

Improved Drying Times

The inconvenience of drying the carpets after their clean often put households into disarray for days. This is no longer necessary as advanced cleaning technologies ensure the drying process only takes matter of hours. No more waiting and waiting to get back into those rooms and enjoy your newly cleaned carpets.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing scale is open, transparent and competitive. We ensure the Liverpool area has excellent carpet cleaning services available at affordable prices.


Unit 220 Imperial Court Exchange Street East
Liverpool, L2 3AB
Phone: 01514382147

Opening Hours

Monday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Tuesday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Wednesday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Thursday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Friday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Saturday   9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sunday   Closed

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