Carpet Cleaning Manchester

The carpet cleaning service we deliver in Manchester is amongst the best in the area. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality service at a cost effective rate. Our team of experienced technicians stay on top of modern carpet cleaning developments and always use cutting edge technology to make sure they are completing each job to the highest standards.

The loyal client base we have established to date in Manchester use out services time and time again. This ensures the longevity of their carpets and keeps them looking clean and fresh throughout the year.

Steam Cleaning Technology

Steam cleaning is the method that is recommended by industry bodies and carpet manufacturers. This is because it cleans carpets far better than any other method and we wouldn’t expect our customers to settle for anything less that that!


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Manchester, M1 2JQ
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Disinfection Cleaning

Antiviral decontamination and sanitisation. Learn about the coronavirus and our fogging services.

Carpet Cleaning

Find out why Breeze Carpet Cleaners set the standard in high quality carpet cleaning and stain removal services.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our highly effective hot water extraction machines will help bring you upholstery back to its original condition.

Mattress Cleaning

Learn about the health benefits of having your mattress professionally deep cleaned by Breeze.