Carpet Cleaning Nottingham

Our services are well established in the Nottingham area giving us a strong reputation and great traction through word of mouth. Cleaning carpets has become a very efficient and transparent process for us and we are happy to walk you through each step of that process.

The technology used is second to none so the job is always finished to a superior standard and our customers are always satisfied with the outcome. That satisfaction drives us in delivering the most refined and efficient service we can for all of our customers.

Our team of highly trained technicians have a strong work ethic and are very knowledgeable about the methods they are using. It is the skill level of our technicians’ coupled with excellent customer service that has established our concrete reputation in the Nottingham area.

Powerful Steam Cleaning Services

We use a nine stage steam cleaning procedure which delivers the highest possible results. The methods used when carpet cleaning have been refined throughout the years as technology advanced. Steam cleaning surpasses any other method as it gets deeper into the fibres and is an all-round more thorough and comprehensive cleaning method.

Quick Drying Times

The advances in technology have led to reductions in drying times. The machinery used sucks up more water out of the carpet leaving them dryer. The post cleaning process now only involves 4-5 hours of drying time meaning order can quickly be restored to your household.

Price Promise

There is a 100% guarantee that goes with our work. There are no hidden costs or extra cleaning solutions added to the invoice amount. If you are not happy with the cleaning results we will clean the area again until you are satisfied.


Unit 57 1 Hanley Street
Nottingham, NG1 5BL
Phone: 01158602136

Opening Hours

Monday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Tuesday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Wednesday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Thursday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Friday   9:00 Am - 6:30 PM
Saturday   9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sunday   Closed

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