Carpet Cleaning Surrey

Our highly experienced carpet cleaning technicians have built an excellent reputation for us in the Surrey area. Our cleaners provide customers with the best possible end result thanks to our thorough steam cleaning system.

Steam cleaning is the best option on the market and easily surpasses other methods used. We pride ourselves in cleaning carpets so that they come back to life, free from dirt and pollutants we spend out days trampling into them.

The Surrey area is full of happy clients that come back to us to ensure regular maintenance of their carpets, maximising their lifespan and keeping them looking sharp.

Speedy Drying

The advances in technology have allowed us to invest in equipment capable of providing much faster drying times than ever before. Rather than waiting for days your carpets will be dry within 4-5 hours. The powerful hot water extraction machine is able to remove more water from the carpet, leaving a drier carpet. That extraction also means that more dirt is removed from the carpets permanently, giving them a cleaner finish than other methods.

No Sales Gimmicks

Some Surrey carpet cleaners use sales gimmicks to try and persuade customers to take additional extras. We try to make our pricing strategy as transparent as possible, which is why our quote is fully inclusive.

Customer Assurance

To ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the work we produce, we offer a 100% guarantee. If you are not happy with the cleaning results we will re-clean the area again.


Unit 29, 32 High Street
Ewell, Surrey KT17 1GY
Phone: 01372617046

Opening Hours

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